Testimonials - what they say about us
Our audiences

Athenaeum - Everything was organised and welcoming at St Mary’s Hall. The concert was lovely and our residents enjoyed every minute of it, clapping and singing along. One can’t underestimate the value of these outings to otherwise homebound nursing home residents. The fact that it is free allows us to pay for the transport and still be economical for us. The songs touched many memories for our guests. The singers are excellent, totally engaged and ‘relatable’ by our guests. The provision of tea and biscuits is always very welcome and gives it a very personal, hospitable feeling. We are very aware of how much work goes into a seemingly effortless performance like this, from the singers, to ushers and kitchen staff. We are most appreciative and have already marked this much-anticipated annual event in our calendar for next year.

Rubens House - I am writing to you on behalf of our residents, staff and volunteers who had the privilege of attending the concert performance by the Memory Lane Singers. Our residents enjoyed it immensely, as I watched them singing along with the familiar songs. Also a huge thank you to all your volunteers, who helped make the event successful. Thank you for your continual support.

North London Hospice - Thank you so much for performing for our patients, visitors, staff and volunteers. It was very good, the songs were very appropriate and all of you kept engaging with the audience. Family members said having music in here changed the atmosphere and helped them relax.

Eleanor Palmer Trust Care Home - Thank you all for coming on St Patrick’s Day – the Irish songs at the end went down a treat! The whole show was delightful – you all looked so smart and sang so beautifully. It was a joy to watch the faces of the residents while you performed songs they love and know so well. It was also lovely that you spent time chatting with the residents at the end. Their feedback was that they thoroughly enjoyed the show, your professionalism and choice of songs.

Hertswood - You are a lovely group of people. That was fantastic. The winter is often worst for people who find it difficult to get out. We appreciated your choice of songs. You certainly live up to your name!

residents of Woodside enjoying the show

Our members

Rosemary - I have just joined Memory Lane and it is now the highlight of my week. From the word go everyone was so kind and welcoming and how amazing it is to sing in a choir guided by our enthusiastic musical director and pianist. I have brought my sister along now and hope she will like it as much as I do. I look forward to singing at future events and hope we will bring some happiness and laughter along the way.

Stuart - I heard lots of music of many types as I grew up and enjoyed most of it. Joining Memory Lane was the first time I had ever taken part in making music. It makes me feel enriched and empowered and very gratified.

Cathy - I have just joined and quite simply, I LOVE my singing with the Memory Lane Singers! I can’t wait for Friday and our practice session. I know a lot of the songs already and it is great fun to really learn them in detail and to sing them as they should be performed. I sing better than I speak, due to my Dystonia, and while my voice is not very loud YET, I can hold a tune and it is very useful for life in general to practice good enunciation.

Susan - Memory Lane means a great deal to me. I find that singing really lifts my spirits. I may arrive at a session feeling tense but by the end of two hours I am feeling so much better. Not only does being a member benefit my well-being but performing in care homes and other venues brings happiness to others. People suffering from dementia may not remember what they had for lunch but they often remember a song and move to it or sing along.

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